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Meet our team of consultants

Our international recruitment team represents the diversity of ATG Europe as it consists of 5 different nationalities. We share a common passion for people and technology and are driven by human interaction. Backed-up by ATG Europe’s internal engineering department, we have a strong understanding of the technical requirements on the candidate side. Most of us have moved abroad ourselves and so we deeply understand the consequences and affects that this brings with it. Therefore we are able to connect with a broad variety of people in many different circumstances.

Sandra Colic

Throughout my professional life I have worked with people from all continents and the fact that I have friends and colleagues from all over the world, who share the same vision and values, is truly fascinating.

Frank Jorritsma

Sport is one of my biggest passions – I always dreamed of becoming a sports teacher. To me, the interaction between student and teacher is an inspiring tool for personal and physical development.

Estefania Ochoa

As an expat myself, I have been exposed to all the challenges that this country has to offer. I strongly believe that The Netherlands is a country full of opportunities for those who work hard.

‘Do you have what it takes to Join our Brightest Minds?’

At ATG Europe consultancy is more than business, it is personal.

Although you will most likely find us easy going, we provide an ethical, forward thinking and responsive consultancy service with a highly personal touch.

Harald Van Klaveren

Exploring new places, faces and cultures is one of the main things I love about travel – and about my job. Embracing the unknown leads to personal growth, which is why even the smallest trip to Germany or Belgium puts a smile on my face.

Silvia Zaccagnini

I’ve always been a curious person and I like to talk with people, discover their passions and what drives them. What motivates me daily is finding the right job for the candidate by connecting with them at a deeper and personal level.

Michiel Deinema

When I was young I wanted to be a writer, but after working as a journalist for a few years I realized that shaping a story gave me more satisfaction than writing one. As a recruitment consultant I can help people achieve their career goals on a daily basis.

Olive Ordoña

Finding a good balance between working hard and enjoying your work is the key to a successful career. As a recruiter I always keep in mind what’s important to my candidate and try to offer him a career path that fulfils all his needs.

Dali Naas

From a very young age I lived in many different countries. This extensive travel experience taught me to believe in the power of dialogue. It allows us to grow together through our relationships and expand our minds, rather than holding on to our own position.

Bilge Ada

I’m of the firm belief that people are a company’s most precious commodity. As Renee West said: “You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life”.

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