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Silvia Zaccagnini

+31 (0)71 579 55 29


I’ve always been a curious person and I like to talk with people, discover their passions and what drives them. What motivates me daily is finding the right job for the candidate by connecting with them at a deeper and personal level. Everyone should have a chance to get their dream job. Whenever I see passion in a candidate that’s when I know they are the right person for the role and for our company. I am really proud to be part of ATG, their longevity as a company is a clear sign that they know what they do and they know the best way to do it. The atmosphere, relaxed yet professional and passionate, made me think I am in the right place since day one.

“I’m Interested In The Human Side Of Recruitment.”

Being part of ATG is like having a family away from home. As an expat I really value this aspect, especially in the work environment, where everyone makes you feel welcome and cared for the whole time. On the professional and personal development side, ATG is giving me the possibility to have a front sit for the innovation that will lead all future endeavours in the space sector. The European Space Agency is a catalyst of talent and just being able to be a part of it is a huge privilege.

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