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Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Technical Artist Intern

Expires: ASAP

Job Overview

For our headquarters in Noordwijk we are looking for a Technical Artist intern, who will be part of the ATG Virtual Lab and who will support the team with the creation of functional virtual and augmented reality tools for the space sector.

The ideal candidate is reasonably comfortable with 3D Modelling and Texturing, but also with programming, scripting or similar node-based systems. Ideally the candidate is familiar with the trade-offs required for virtual reality. But most of all we are looking for someone who is eager to learn, and willing to tackle complex topics both alone and in collaboration. Someone with the ability to think outside the box, while also staying realistic about schedules and deadlines. 
We like seeing someone with a positive attitude, an open mind, and hopefully, at least a rudimentary sense of humor. Last but not least — given the topic — it helps if you have a passion for space and virtual reality.

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Tasks & Responsibilities

  • As Technical Artist Intern you will collaborate with our VR Engineer and other teammembers. Together you will come up with various ways to solve some of the big and small problems involved in creating VR tools for engineering projects. Whether that is through art assets, technical solutions or a combination of the two.
  • Depending on the task you will also be expected to further research these approaches, discuss their benefits and downsides with the team, and work on implementing them.
  • You may be expected to create assets fit for use with Physically Based Rendering in VR. There might also be cases where you collaborate with other 3D artists and animators to make sure their assets are suitable.
  • By guiding you as you apply what you studied, we hope to be able to test out more approaches that would otherwise be too time consuming to attempt.


Must currently be a student pursuing either a bachelor's or master's degree in a technical (e.g.: software engineering, game development) or related field, and as such an internship required by a study program. 
Must be allowed to perform an internship in the Netherlands without additional provisions being required for residence or work permits, etc. 
Experience with creating Virtual Reality games or experiences is considered an asset. 
Experience with creating tools or procedural generation of assets is considered an asset. 
Experience with physically based rendering is considered an asset. 
Experience with writing shaders is considered an asset.
Experience with lighting is considered an asset.
Experience with Unreal Engine (and ideally Blueprints or C++) is considered an asset.
Experience with CAD (as in, 3D asset creation for physical objects) is considered an asset.
Knowledge of aerospace engineering is considered an asset.
Good communication skills in English. 
Have the right communication skills to work in a multi-disciplinary team. 
Ideally have some projects they can show us. 
Pragmatic attitude. 
Personal initiative and thirst for improvement. 
Eagerness to learn many things in a short period of time. 
Well organized work style. 
Capable of working in an ambitious team. 
Willing to take initiative and responsibility. 

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