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Noordwijk, the Netherlands

AWS (Arctic Weather Satellite) Ground Segment Engineer

Expires: December 10, 2020

Job Overview

On behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), we are looking for an AWS Ground Segment Engineer for their location in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, to join their Ground System Definition & Verification Office
Please note this is an external consultant position not a Staff position.

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Tasks & Responsibilities

  • In the System Support Division, the postholder will report functionally to the AWS Project Manager, and will be responsible for all aspects of the AWS Ground Segment. The postholder will coordinate with the System Support Division to ensure usage of common standards and methods, and access to the necessary resources on system support issues, where appropriate. AWS is conceived as the prototype satellite (approx. 120 kg) for a future constellation of small satellites providing all-weather microwave sounding of the global atmosphere with frequent revisit observations over the Arctic region. The AWS prototype is being implemented as a dedicated ESA Programme Element under the Earth Watch Programme, while any future constellation will be implemented in cooperation with EUMETSAT. Launch of AWS is planned in early 2024.
  • The postholder will support the definition and monitor the implementation of the Ground Segment and the preparation of the Spacecraft in-orbit Operations up to and including the commissioning phase. The Ground Segment consists of three elements, namely the Ground Station (GS), Monitoring and Control Segment (MCS) and Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS).The duties will include:
  • Reviewing and assessing the proposed Ground Segment design, including identification of possible options, trade-offs and design/cost drivers and guaranteeing compliance with requirements;
  • Coordinating with the AWS team to ensure Ground Segment design and compatibility with the system/operations, including consistency of design, testing and performance with other elements of the system and future AWS constellation requirements;
  • Managing and monitoring industrial activities for the Ground Segment;
  • Supporting AWS project reviews;
  • Reviewing and verifying the space-to-ground interface in cooperation with the AWS team;
  • Liaising with EUMETSAT with respect to future AWS constellation Ground Segment optimisation;
  • Monitoring the definition of the Level-1 data processor and its implementation and the verification of its interfaces with PDGS;
  • Supporting Ground Segment validation activities, including Satellite System Validation Tests (SSVTs);Supporting the preparation of the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP), the Satellite In-Orbit Verification (SIOV) and Commissioning phases;
  • In carrying out these tasks, the postholder will coordinate closely with other AWS team members, and also with support from the Earth Observation Programmes and Technical and Quality Directorates.


Applicants for this position should have a PhD or Master degree or equivalent qualification in engineering field or related subject;
Previous experience (Minimum 4 years) in ground segment projects, and experience in earth observation is highly desirable;
Applicants should have good practical, analytical and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively both autonomously and in a team;
They should have good communication skills, be self-motivated and have a pro-active and results-oriented approach;
A good knowledge of English is required.

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