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Jean Charles Delormel

I work in the European Space Agency Headquarter in Paris. I’m the IT Support Service Team Leader. I manage the Team and all the operations regarding the Local IT Support Service of all the users of the 2 sites of ESA in Paris.

I work closely with the IT team of ESA and all the other ATG’s Team leaders in the others European location of ESA.

Working for ATG means for me to work for a company which is strong and have a very good level and experience in Space technologies. It means also to work for a company which is taking care of its customers by providing the best service at a high level of knowledge. The transition between my old job and ATG was smooth because ATG supported me throughout the recruitment process at both logistical and professional level. I had also the chance to be invited to the celebration of the 50 years of ATG one month before I start my new job in Paris. It was a good opportunity to meet and get to know ATG staff.

In my spare time I’m taking care of my fabulous family which I think is one of the most important things in the world. Aside from that I like to travel for holidays or weekends and practise running and tennis. Lastly, I like to taste wines.