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At ATG Europe, we believe, there is no single correct way to interview people. Everyone is different and everyone deserves an approach that suits them best. There are no wrong answers when talking about your career and ambitions. Together with you, our recruiters will try to find out the best career path to match your ambitions and do everything they can to help you succeed in realizing these ambitions. Our recruitment team prides itself on its integrity. Our recruiters are friendly, open, but also critical where necessary. We want to give you a clear picture of the opportunities we can and cannot provide you and do not make empty promises.

As a well-established company with a strong network we know our clients well and sit in on the interviews our consultants have. Therefore, we can meticulously prepare our candidates for their interviews. As stated before, there is no single correct way to interview people. The same goes for how to handle being interviewed. Hiring managers are different and not everyone values the same qualities. However, a few tips are always good to keep in mind:

However, a few tips are always good to keep in mind:

Dress for the occasion

A simple tip, but not any less important. Are you unsure how to dress? Ask! Our consultants are happy to help you decide what to wear to the interview for your dream job.

Modesty is a virtue, but don’t overdo it

No one likes a show off. However, when interviewing for a position, it is good to let the hiring managers know what you can do. Give them examples of your good work and don’t be afraid to speak in the first person about accomplishments you are responsible for.

Be critical

Remember, you are not the only one being interviewed. Don’t be afraid to ask some critical questions about the work they want you to do and what kind of challenges their work environment can provide you. This shows them you are confident in your abilities and interested in the position.

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