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Harald Van Klaveren

+31(0)6 1464 7117


Exploring new places, faces and cultures is one of the main things I love about travel – and about my job. Embracing the unknown leads to personal growth, which is why even the smallest trip to Germany or Belgium puts a smile on my face. As a traveller and a father of two, I can relate to the issues faced by colleagues who are being transferred abroad. A fresh start in a new environment could weigh heavily on a person, especially when you have a family. But it can also be an amazing challenge. We are surrounded by an astounding diversity; the world outside has always excited me. In that sense the aerospace industry suits me like no other – it is an entirely unique world in its own.

“Embracing The Unknown Leads To Personal Growth”

Thanks to my work with ESA, I have good knowledge about the aerospace industry and can paint a pretty clear picture of what a particular engineering job might entail. A true asset, if you’d ask me. The less surprises, the higher the chance someone will feel at home and truly excel within the organisation. But there is so much more to the recruiting field; in fact I enjoy the entire scope of responsibility – from the very first contact to the actual deal.

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