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Frank Jorritsma

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Sport is one of my biggest passions – I always dreamed of becoming a sports teacher. To me, the interaction between student and teacher is an inspiring tool for personal and physical development. Together they rise to another level. Although my career path took a turn towards the recruitment industry – after several passionate recommendations of friends and acquaintances – it turned out to have many similarities with the world of sports. For example, a winning mentality is a true asset. I will always go the extra mile to help find the position that suits someone best. I am a team player who thinks along with someone, but I am not afraid to voice my own ideas either. It is great to help other people shine, both professionally and personally, which benefits all of us. It is so rewarding when an engineer comes to me and genuinely states: ‘Frank, this is the best thing that ever happened to me’.

“I Love To Think Along With Someone, But Am Not Afraid To Voice My Own Ideas Too”

Whenever it’s in my power I will try to change things for the better. At ATG I get enough room to do so – entrepreneurial freedom that I highly appreciate. I get a chance to apply this in the thrilling high tech industry. Some of the things happening are truly revolutionary, such as the landing of the Rosetta on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko or robot arms helping doctors perform surgery. It’s great to play my small part in these developments.

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