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Estefania Ochoa

+31 (0)71 579 5551


As an expat myself, I have been exposed to all the challenges that this country has to offer. I strongly believe that The Netherlands is a country full of opportunities for those who work hard. For me, I see being in recruitment as an opportunity to help capable talents find their dream job. There is no better satisfaction than helping someone to find stability and growth in their lives and careers. To work with the European Space Agency is an opportunity to work within an amazing and challenging industry. In ATG we specialize in identifying and boosting the careers of engineers, scientists and high technical candidates.

For Me, Recruiters Should Speak In A Language That’s Frank And To The Point, But Also Sincere And Genuine.

We have more than 30 different nationalities representing our organization. So, as you can imagine, every day is dynamic and diverse. From a recruitment perspective, this really appeals to me because I am a recruiter who will always provide personalized Communication and an open attitude to different cultures and backgrounds. I believe that the best recruiters can strengthen communication between employers and candidates simply through personalized communication. For me, recruiters should speak in a language that’s frank and to the point, but also sincere and genuine

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