Nieves Colomo - Thermal Engineer, OHB System AG

"It’s very inspiring to team up with people from so many different nationalities – currently no less than 17"

‘I recently joined ATG as a Thermal Engineer. I design the thermal control subsystem for a telecom satellite, which is one of the most important subsystems in a spacecraft as it defines the performance of the satellite. I am learning a lot, but it would be great to work with scientific missions too. My aim is to achieve general understanding of how the spacecraft works thermo-mechanically. Therefore I am really pleased with ATG’s training policy. Knowing that I can bring every ambition to the table is a stimulus I will definitely put to its full use.

Another aspect that inspires me is the diversity amongst colleagues. Originally I am from Spain where foreigners in the workplace are few and far between, but nowadays I team up with people from lots of different nationalities – currently no less than 17.

For my job I moved to Bremen; a small yet surprisingly diverse city

For this job I had to relocate to Bremen where I live by myself. It wasn’t easy to find an apartment; I am glad ATG accommodated me for as long as I needed to get settled properly. Bremen might be small, but turned out to be surprisingly diverse. I love music, flea markets, second hand record stores and movies, and here there are so many theatres, museums and music festivals to choose from. Yes, after a few months I can already say that both the company and the city truly suit me.’