Mandeka Papini -Service Manager at the Erasmus Innovation Center at ESTEC

I'm passionate about two things: space and communication.

These two passions lead me into what I do today: I'm a science communicator working to increase awareness of the European Space Agency’s space exploration programme in the main stakeholders. And I firmly believe exploration is not only a dream of few resolute human beings but a benefit for all humanity. With this passion I joined ATG few months ago, creating multimedia content to unveil the narratives of future missions for LEO, Moon and Mars.

In my new role, managing a team of people has been the most exciting challenge: ATG has guided me since the beginning and supported me mentoring and with appropriate trainings in order to grow my professional strengths and enlarge my set of skills.

Outside work, I have been very grateful to the HR department for helping me out on how to deal with residential permit, tax advise and everything I needed support on for living and working in a foreign country. The only think I miss about Italy at this point is my family and the weather, for the rest I’m thrilled to be able to work in an international environment and live in such a welcoming country.

And on top, the enthusiastic and passionate work environment made me feel I was in the right place since the first day!

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