Joaquín Jiménez

"Every single component should work perfectly, and that is where my expertise is needed."

‘On behalf of ATG, I currently work for ESA. Being part of such a state of the art environment feels like a dream came true. Here, we write new innovative chapters of human history, such as BepiColombo, Europe's first mission to Mercury. But what many people don’t realise, is that there is a conservative side to Aerospace technology too. Our motto: if something works, don't change it. A spacecraft might cruise the universe for years, so it is rather expensive to send someone out there to fix bugs. We’d rather make sure that every single component works perfectly – and that is where my expertise is needed. As an EEE Components Engineer I perform quality tests on electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical components.

"The genuine attention given to work-life balance is what I value the most."

Originally I am from Sevilla. Although my wife and I do miss our family, friends and the lovely weather, career-wise I couldn’t have been happier. The support I was given BY ATG Europe, in both my personal and professional life, went far beyond my expectations. I appreciated the great assistance regarding my relocation, on issues such as municipal bureaucracy, banking, insurances, language classes and schooling for my two-year-old boy. Besides that, the head quarters never failed to answer my unremitting stream of questions. But there’s one thing that I, as a true family man, value the most: the genuine attention given to one's work-life balance by both ATG and ESA. This balance has long been proven to enhance productivity – a fact that I hope will become widely embraced in Spain one day too.’