Bertilla Sinka

Business is business, but recruitment is personal.

We can’t teach our employees how to smile so they have to smile before we hire them. To do that, we have to get to know them and that’s what I do as a recruitment consultant. When I say recruitment is personal, it’s more than just a phrase. Of course ours is a competitive and commercial environment, and while that part is very important, what attracted me to a career in recruitment most is the personal contact. Having a challenging job with excellent benefits is great, but there’s more to a career than that. That’s why I try to show my candidates the big picture. Your career is an important part of your life and I want to make sure you have a career that suits you.

At ATG we strive to not only work hard, but smile while doing so. We do it at our office in Noordwijk and try to facilitate the same pleasant environment for all our candidates in the rest of the country and abroad. We don’t stop at the contract signing, we want to make you feel like a vital part of our organization. A place where you can grow both professionally and personally and perhaps most importantly, smile while doing so!