Michiel Deinema

"Meeting new people, discovering what drives them and helping them fulfill their potential. These three things are the reason I love my job. I always try to make it personal."

When I was young I wanted to be a writer, but after working as a journalist for a few years I realized that shaping a story gave me more satisfaction than writing one. As a recruitment consultant I can help people achieve their career goals on a daily basis. I can help write part of their life story. I do still write small stories in my spare time, but shaping the ones of others is what gives me most satisfaction. My job as a recruitment consultant at ATG-Europe allows me to do just that.

The Aerospace industry is a challenging environment to work in. The technology is complex and the stakes are always high. That’s why we’re always looking for the brightest minds to help shape not only our future, but the future of mankind in space. That’s why, at ATG, we know that our people are our biggest asset, their ideas is what will shape that future. And we want to give them the opportunity to contribute to that. Sounds awesome right? I thought so too!