Olive Ordoña

"Be serious when necessary, but laugh when it’s there." That’s the motto I live by and the motto I try to convey to my candidates. 

Finding a good balance between working hard and enjoying your work is the key to a successful career. As a recruiter I always keep in mind what’s important to my candidate and try to offer him a career path that fulfils all his needs. It’s not just landing the job that counts. For me, the most beautiful thing about this job is seeing my candidates develop themselves and fulfil their potential.

At ATG, we pride ourselves in taking care of our employees. Not only by finding them the right job, but also by making sure they are able to perform their job in an optimal way. That’s why I’m in constant contact with my candidates to discover what drives them and what I can do to help them reach their goals. We work with professionals from many different cultures, many different goals and many different backgrounds. Our challenge is to find them a career that suits all their needs. It’s a tough job, a serious job, but we still have time to laugh when it’s there.