Data Processing System Engineer

  • Data Processing System Engineer

    For one of our main customers, EUMETSAT, we are currently looking for a Data Processing Systems Engineer.

Job overview

EUMETSAT is an intergovernmental organisation created through an international Convention agreed by 30 European Member States. The primary objective of EUMETSAT is to establish, maintain and exploit European systems of operational meteorological satellites, taking into account as far as possible the recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization.

The engineering service shall cover the following service requirements. The Contractor shall perform tasks related to data processing engineering in support of the DPSA team. The Contractor shall provide services to the Data Processing engineering team, including:

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Data processing in phase B/C/D;
  • Follow-up on the facility suppliers activities;
  • Review of the data pack delivered for the reviews;
  • Support preparation of EUMETSAT deliverables to the contractors;
  • Participation in the contractors` reviews;
  • Support for the Data pack for the OGS CDR and possibly other intermediate checkpoints;
  • Support of the relevant OGS and System activities;
  • Technical baseline engineering monitoring and update;
  • Tests and acceptance phases preparation;
  • Provide expertise in data processing engineering;
  • Contribute to raising, processing and coordinating RIDs in the documentation provided by the prime contractor of the facility in the different reviews that will take place in the different programmes;
  • Contribute and participate on request to progress meetings;
  • Contribute to technical meetings, scheduling, and planning coordination meetings;
  • Participate in data processing team meetings and associated activities and reviews where required in the area of data processing system engineering inside of DPSA CA;
  • Contribute and participate on request to dedicated technical workshops;
  • Provide training, through written materials, practical demonstrations and presentations, to other parties involved in the related projects (including controllers, analysts and engineers);
  • Undertake training identified as necessary to become familiar with the system and be able to perform their tasks;
  • Become familiar with the facility usage, setup, configuration and installation once delivered by the prime contractor;
  • Contribute to the facility handover to OGS integration team and /or operations;
  • Perform requirements engineering in DOORS for related data processing requirements. This includes review, specification and refinement of existing requirements, their up-traces to parent Ground Segment specifications, justifications and verification methods;
  • Ensure coherency of requirements with processors specifications;
  • Provide inputs to the definition of ICDs between data processing elements and other GS functions;
  • Provide inputs to the definition of testing and Operational scenarios for data processing elements;
  • Provide inputs to the definition of data processing concepts and trade-offs to support requirements understanding and justification.
  • Data processing in phase E;
  • Contribute to the maintenance activities, including characterisation of system component behaviour against required performance, proposal and implementation of system alterations (including component modification) to achieve required performance;
  • Contribute to the evolution activities, including conceptual design, requirements specification, functional modelling, system analysis, and concept development to support increased performance, rationalisation of components, and cost reduction;
  • Contribute to raising, processing and coordinating anomalies, their documentation, investigation, classification and resolution/mitigation, including participation in relevant Anomaly Review Boards;
  • During phase C/D/E the Contractor shall provide contributions to the Technical Notes with comments on the revision (i.e. list of Review Item Discrepancy - RID) to the following documents;
  • Review System Requirements Document (either to the new or update to existing documents);
  • Contribution to Risk Register and first version of the Project Management Plan;
  • Review System analyses and concept Documents (Consolidated Design);
  • Contribution/ revision to Identification of testing needs (test data or test tools), as part of the test plan;
  • Identified uncertainties in the budget estimates (time and cost);
  • Review Design Documents at system and sub-system level (preliminary) (including ICDs);
  • Review System and Integration Test Plan;
  • Review Set of finalised Design Documents, including final ICDs;
  • Review Test documentation, covering Integration, Verification and Validation aspects;
  • Support to the identification of Operations Documentation updates (SCP, GCP, OPS Guide) and needs for training;
  • Review MME delta design.
  • Interface with other teams and partners;
  • Liaise and coordinate as required with the ground segment system Contractor and system operations to ensure the continuity of mission operations and optimization of the ground segment;
  • Liaise and coordinate as required with external engineering partners for the joint deployment of the data processing components, and for anomaly investigation and reporting of issues that might impact those partners;
  • Liaise and coordinate as necessary with other service providers.


  • In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent) engineering, physics, or software (or similar, the consultant shall have at least five years experience in the following areas;
  • Relevant experience in preparation of requirements, design, interfaces and testing documentation for data processing systems considering the systems engineering aspects of data processing management and data provision;
  • Relevant experience in monitoring and implementation of designs against requirement baselines and IVV, including testing and formal acceptance;
  • The ability to maintain a system overview is essential. This ability shall be exercised within a multi-disciplinary context in cooperation with other teams, covering several different data processing levels and instruments;
  • Ability to learn and develop the needed skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of EPS-SG. This includes the ability to rapidly absorb, and make use of, information presented in written and oral communications in a dynamic context;
  • Systematic approach to work, including the ability to plan the work and to cope with tight schedules and multiple tasks;
  • Ability to write accurate and consistent technical documentation;
  • The official languages of EUMETSAT are English and French. The working language for the position is English and therefore the Key person must be able to work effectively in this language and have knowledge of the other. Good communication skills are essential for the fulfillmentof the tasks requiring interaction.

What do we offer

ATG Europe offers excellent working conditions and provides you with all the necessary means to further your career. We believe that training and education, combined with regular assessments and a personal development plan, will create the best environment for growth. If needed we also assist you with settling in your new home or finding the right school for your children. ATG will help in any way it can, including a relocation budget that is applicable for ATG staff as well as employees working at one of our clients.