System Application, Cloud and Database Support Technician

  • System Application, Cloud and Database Support Technician

    Deadline for applications ASAP

    For our client we are looking for a System Application, Cloud and Database Support Technician for their location in Darmstadt, Germany, to join their Generic Infrastructure and Systems Division.

Job overview

EUMETSAT is an intergovernmental organisation created through an international Convention agreed by 30 European Member States. The primary objective of EUMETSAT is to establish, maintain and exploit European systems of operational meteorological satellites, taking into account as far as possible the recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization.

For our client we are looking for a System Application, Cloud and Database Support Technician for their location in Darmstadt, Germany, to join their Generic Infrastructure and Systems Division.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Monitoring of the systems, initial investigations of the detected H/W, S/W and performance issues;
  • Archive and data protection systems tape handling;
  • Act as a single point of contact on all CSM matters of the Operational systems;
  • Participation in the daily Mission Operations coordination meetings;
  • Participation in the regular anomaly review boards;
  • Analysis, planning and performance of H/W and S/W upgrades or reconfigurations, taking care of compatibility issues between computer and storage subsystems;
  • Installation and configuration of operating system and other software, tuning of operating systems parameters to optimize performance;
  • Implementation and maintenance of scripts and/or procedures where applicable for the automated and/or controlled execution of the above activities;
  • Generation or update of technical documentation in relation to system upgrades;
  • Correction of the detected computer and storage H/W, S/W and performance issues;
  • Ensuring that in case of computer and storage H/W or system S/W failures the operational configuration can be restored, including the definition, maintenance, performance of backup procedures;
  • Liaison with the external providers of H/W and system S/W maintenance for the request and follow up of maintenance interventions;
  • Support to S/W development and maintenance in relation to the utilization of system resources;
  • Provision of stand-by/on-call support;
  • 1st line support by phone or electronic means;
  • Standard administrative tasks (like adding or removing users, file system maintenance etc.) based on procedures;
  • Backup and Restore Tasks based on procedures;
  • Call classification and call forwarding if outside scope of 1st line support;
  • Cooperation with other teams to prepare for physical system installation;
  • Low-level configuration of computer systems and interfaces;
  • OS and COTS installation;
  • Maintenance of the as-built software build environments;
  • SAN connectivity;
  • Computer side LAN connectivity;
  • Testing;
  • Documentation;
  • Building, packaging and deployment of software and data releases and patches;
  • Support to developers with respect to build and versioning strategies;
  • Analysis of the maintenance requirements and identification, implementation of the tools to fulfil them;
  • contributing to creation and updating maintenance procedures;
  • Maintenance of the development tools, such as compilers, libraries, etc..;
  • Maintenance of continuous integration tools and source code repositories;
  • Support of software developers in the area of system programming and interface definition;
  • Design of the new and re-engineering of the existing systems;
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of the complex anomalies and outages;
  • Co-ordination of the activities with the counterpart from different teams;
  • Create and maintain relevant set of the documentation and maintenance procedures.


  • A university degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline and at least 5 years of relevant experience:;
  • Expert knowledge and a significant work experience of Linux administration and development, and be familiar, to the extent required by the performance of the above tasks, with as many as possible of the following system software environments:Linux/UNIX operating systems;
  • Virtualization based on VMWARE, KVM and Docker;
  • Kubernetes container management platform;
  • Openstack and its derivatives (VIO, OTC, RedHat Openstack);
  • Scripting language programming (like perl or python);
  • Source code repository (git, svn);
  • C/C++/Java to the extent to be able to support software developers;
  • The relevant certification in the areas described above would be considered as greatly advantageous;
  • Experience in the installation, administration and troubleshooting on some of the following shall be considered as an advantage:;
  • Installation and maintenance of ORACLE databases (v11/v12 enterprise edition);
  • Expert knowledge of POSTGRES database;
  • Installation and maintenance of the MATLAB and IDL;
  • Maintenance of an On-line Documentation system like Wiki;
  • Installation and maintenance of programming and debugging environments;
  • Knowledge of database programming;
  • Following would be considered as greatly advantageous:;
  • Knowledge of MySQL or MariaDB;
  • Ability to write technical documentation in English;

What do we offer

ATG Europe offers excellent working conditions and provides you with all the necessary means to further your career. We believe that training and education, combined with regular assessments and a personal development plan, will create the best environment for growth. If needed we also assist you with settling in your new home or finding the right school for your children. ATG will help in any way it can, including a relocation budget that is applicable for ATG staff as well as employees working at one of our clients.