Radio Navigation Engineer

  • Radio Navigation Engineer

    Deadline for applications 04/09/2019

    For our client, the European Space Agency (ESA), we are looking for a Radio Navigation Engineer for their location in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, to join their Commer. User Segm Nav. Syst. Val. Sect.

Job overview

The European Space Agency is ATGs biggest client. They are an international organisation with 22 member states with sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK and Belgium. ESA is Europes gateway to Space!

For our client, the European Space Agency (ESA), we are looking for a Radio Navigation Engineer for their location in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, to join their Commer. User Segm Nav. Syst. Val. Sect.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Support the GALILEO Ground Mission Segment (GMS) team;
  • in particular, the detailed specific tasks include: ;
  • Participation to GMS related Integration, Verification and Qualification (IVQ) activities;
  • Evaluation of GMS design, with a specific focus on GMS Operations and Operability Improvements, Galileo Services provision, On-line and Off-line Monitoring, System Reporting, Mission Support and Mission Processing, and evolutions of the GMS architecture and design (eg. virtualisation, data centric processing, etc.);
  • Support to GMS engineering activities, as well as Galileo System level engineering activities, such as requirement engineering, change management and baseline evolutions (DCPs/DCNs), assessment of contractors RFDs/RFWs;
  • Contribution to GMS and System reviews;
  • Support to Navigation Projects (e.g. EGNOS and GALILEO) and RD activities in the fields of system and receivers performances for Ground Segment receivers and user receivers (multi-frequency and multi-constellation);
  • Support design, implementation, maintenance and operation of Radio Navigation equipment, complex Radio Navigation simulation tools and test facilities for testing features (end-to-end performances, receivers, etc.) in the aforementioned activities;
  • Radio Navigation system (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO etc.) and augmentation (EGNOS, WAAS, QZSS etc.). The work includes studies: analyses and testing of navigation systems/segments/elements/technology, dissemination and navigation algorithms, including tools development;
  • evaluation of Navigation/Positioning/Timing algorithm and techniques, user/system/segment performance assessment based on software simulators, laboratory and field measurements, and support to ESA projects in follow up of industrial procurements;
  • Radio Navigation equipment covering space applications. The work includes study, design, analysis and testing of navigation/positioning/ranging/monitoring technology and receiver for space. Radio Navigation space applications performed at ESA include: scientific applications (atmospheric sounding, oceanic observation), formation flying, rendezvous and attitude determination;
  • Radio Navigation equipment for terrestrial applications. The work includes study, design, analysis and testing of navigation receivers/technology for terrestrial applications and local augmentation. Radio Navigation terrestrial applications performed at ESA are those related with high performance based on high accuracy (e.g. geodesy) and/or high integrity (e.g. civil aviation, maritime);
  • Radio Navigation signals and signal processing. The work includes study, design, analysis and testing of signal and signal processing techniques including tools/equipment development and procurement. It encompasses signal structure, modulations, data dissemination, techniques for error correction, synchronisation, multipath mitigation and estimation, interference mitigation, cancellation, encryption, authentication, etc;
  • Radio Navigation Laboratory equipment. The work includes definition procurement design, testing, usage of Radio Navigation equipment in support to Radio Navigation experiments and test campaigns;
  • Assistance in preparation of invitation to tenders related to ESA Projects and RD activities and contracts technical follow-up;
  • Specific engineering support to space projects developed by ESA and/or by major European industries/operators;
  • Validation of designs by means of analyses, simulations, laboratory testing and field trials (possibly in co-operation with third parties);
  • Design, implementation and testing tasks for technological projects;
  • Execution of internal RD activities through design, prototyping, analysis and simulations;
  • Simulation and testing in laboratory of Navigation systems and equipment;
  • Preparation of technical documents on above subjects;
  • Support to related demonstrations inside and outside ESTEC;
  • The work concerning laboratory activities will be performed based on the existing Radio Navigation facilities available at ESTEC.


  • University degree (MSc minimum) in telecommunications and signal processing or electronic engineering, as well as experience in these fields.Specific knowledge on Satellite Radio Navigation Systems, ranging and positioning techniques and technologies, including latest trends in high accuracy and robust PNT.Specific and Strong knowledge and experience on the design, development and testing of Radio Navigation receivers (from professional to mass-market), including signal processing, positioning algorithms, Radio Frequency, multi-antenna and sensor hybridisation aspects.The specialist shall in particular have several years experience (4+) relevant with the GNSS and GALILEO systems and equipment and have good knowledge of Radio Navigation processing, simulation and testing systems.The following competencies would be an asset:Knowledge on EGNOS Overlay System, including the evolution to EGNOSv3Knowledge on signal quality monitoring;
  • Familiarity with GNSS Android Raw Measurements and carrier phase based positioning techniques (PPP and RTK)Knowledge on virtualization and data centric processingThey shall be specialist in the implementation, maintenance and operation of complex Radio Navigation processing, simulation and test facilities for spacecraft, aircraft, maritime and land mobile applications.Candidates must be eligible for security clearance from their national security administration.

What do we offer

ATG Europe offers excellent working conditions and provides you with all the necessary means to further your career. We believe that training and education, combined with regular assessments and a personal development plan, will create the best environment for growth. If needed we also assist you with settling in your new home or finding the right school for your children. ATG will help in any way it can, including a relocation budget that is applicable for ATG staff as well as employees working at one of our clients.

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