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  • Software Engineer

    Deadline for applications 02/08/2019

    For our client, the European Space Agency (ESA), we are looking for a Software Engineer for their location in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, to join their Software Technology Section.

Job overview

The European Space Agency is ATGs biggest client. They are an international organisation with 22 member states with sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK and Belgium. ESA is Europes gateway to Space!

For our client, the European Space Agency (ESA), we are looking for a Software Engineer for their location in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, to join their Software Technology Section.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Support the consolidation and maintenance of the G1G/G2G ground segment requirement in line with the system baseline;
  • Provide support and act as interface for updates to G1G/G2G ground segment applicable ICDs in co-ordination with Interface co-ordinators;
  • Interface with System team on technical issues arising from segment technical notes dealing with G1G/G2G ground segment technical aspects;
  • Process G1G/G2G ground segment Non-compliance, RFD, and RFWs;
  • Contribute to G1G/G2G IVQ activities in support of the G1G/G2G ground segment AIV Manager;
  • Follow up G1G/G2G ground segment design and implementation both at element and segment level, including SW architecture, performance aspects and HW/SW COTS selection;
  • Assess the operability aspects of the G1G/G2G ground segment functions;
  • Assess the Data Analysis functions of the Ground Segment, i.e.:- consistent management of data within the ground segment (reception, storage and controlled access to archived data, data security (confidentiality, integrity and availability));
  • - generation and presentation of associated result display and reporting;
  • - integration of mission and technical data;
  • - management of system configuration items;
  • - application of data analysis technologies;
  • Provide technical support for the preparation, organization and management of all the G1G/G2G ground segment and system reviews;
  • Participate, in Galileo-related reviews and technical evaluation boards, in particular contributing to G1G/G2G ground segment requirements consolidation and design reviews;
  • Contribute to ESA procurement activities for G1G/G2G ground segment;
  • In performing these duties, the post holder is expected to interface closely with the Galileo Ground Segment Engineering Team, the Galileo System Engineering Team, the Galileo Security Office, the Operations Team, the related industrial teams and the Product Assurance Office.In addition, the post holder may have to support the definition and execution of activities of the Software Systems Division in his domain of expertise.Since many of the activities will take place in industry or at operational sites, the incumbent must be prepared to travel on a regular basis.


  • Applicants for this post shall have a Masters degree or equivalent qualification in physics, electrical or aerospace engineering or a related field, together with at least 5 years experience in system-level engineering, design and implementation.The candidate should be familiar with required technologies and systems, i.e.:Knowledge and experience in the Big Data technologies, i.e. databases, machine learning, natural language processing, visualisation techniques is mandatory;
  • Background and experience in navigation and security systems is desirable;
  • Knowledge of ground segment and satellite operations and infrastructure is an important asset;
  • Knowledge of ECSS standards is an asset.Candidates are expected to have a proactive attitude to problem-solving, plus good planning and organisational skills. They should demonstrate responsible decision-making and be able to work and communicate effectively in a team setting.Applicants must be eligible for security clearance by their national security administration.

What do we offer

ATG Europe offers excellent working conditions and provides you with all the necessary means to further your career. We believe that training and education, combined with regular assessments and a personal development plan, will create the best environment for growth. If needed we also assist you with settling in your new home or finding the right school for your children. ATG will help in any way it can, including a relocation budget that is applicable for ATG staff as well as employees working at one of our clients.

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