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Who we are

ATG Europe is an engineering services provider to the European space, big science and defence industry. We were founded in 1969, the same year in which Neil Armstrong set his first steps on the moon. Since then, ATG Europe has become a truly international organization hosting more than 28 different nationalities and operating in more than 10 countries. We believe that a successful team is a diverse team, and whether it is in terms of cultural backgrounds, interests, education, or other – everybody has a place at ATG Europe and we value each other’s contributions and views.

"Exploring new places, faces and cultures is one of the main things I love about travel – and about my job."

Harald van Klaveren


What drives us

At ATG Europe we know that a project’s success strongly relies on the quality of the people involved in it. Our Consultancy Service provides access to hard-to-find specialists in the engineering and scientific domains. ATG Europe consultant engineers & professionals are fully embedded in the teams of our customers and bring in the specialization and experience that is key to the success of their projects. Our staff are engaged in cutting edge missions and projects, performing to high international standards and utilizing the full extent of their professional knowledge.


What we do

Innovation is what drives us, but we understand that innovation does not come by itself. It is the people behind it who dedicate their time to design, develop and test state of the art technologies and products. Our staff it is the most important and strategic asset in our company and we consider it the single most important factor to lead our company towards success. We take serious care of our people and are committed to their well-being and development. We are passionate about creating an environment and atmosphere where everybody can excel and perform to the best of their abilities.

Meet our consultants

At ATG Europe consultancy is more than business, it is personal.

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