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Dali Naas

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From a very young age I lived in many different countries. This extensive travel experience taught me to believe in the power of dialogue. It allows us to grow together through our relationships and expand our minds, rather than holding on to our own position. We can relax our grip on certainty and listen to possibilities. Through dialogue, we intend to gain new understanding and form a totally new basis from which to think and act. The goal is not only to try and reach an agreement but to create a context from which many new agreements can emerge. By unveiling a base of shared meaning, our actions and values come into alignment.

“As a recruitment consultant, I am in constant contact with many people who are seeking to achieve their professional goals.”

My role here is to listen and understand these goals in order for me to contribute in this common quest. The space industry is definitely one of the most demanding and complex sectors, therefore I am very proud to leave my footprint on the great adventure that space is to mankind.

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