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Alphonsus Doamekpor

I am currently seconded to EUMETSAT (the Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) in Germany, where I am responsible for configuration control and change management. My aim is to reach a high level of integrity and traceability to the baseline data that EUMETSAT provides to its customers around Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

ATG Europe is an inclusive engineering company that sees the big picture and the overall end-to-end implementation.

The environment is very much an integrated team effort. Interaction with quality assurance, documentation management, systems engineering, operations management, human resource etc all combine.  In addition to the daily operations there’s the high level change management aspect of the job. The implementation and facilitation of change requests between the EU and EUMETSAT. These have to be tracked either to implementation or to a final decision.

My experience with ATG Europe itself has been very positive. ATG Europe is an inclusive engineering company that sees the big picture and the overall end-to-end implementation. It understands where it fits into picture and provides services to clients to fit its needs and enhances the areas where it is required. The old contract with another company was coming to an end. My CV was online. Contact was made. Even though I had little time, ATG Europe was very encouraging to make time to apply for the position for personal career continuation. Admittedly the credentials were a glove fit and the timing was right. However the new job was also in another country! ATG Europe put the wheels in motion, supporting transportation, accommodation, interview, preparation the whole nine yards. The company had a major hand in the success of obtaining and ensuring that the necessary support was available for the move to the new country and making the transition as seamless as possible both professionally and socially.

The social aspects of life in a new job can contribute a lot to settling in. As a keen photographer, squash and badminton player and philanthropist, it became apparent that there were clubs that supported these interests as well as others. As laws in the country changed and additional fees had to be forked out, ATG Europe stepped in and paid the corporate membership fees for its employees.


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