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Alan D’Onofrio

I am a Product Assurance and Safety Engineer, which means I verify that the satellites respond to all the requirements in place to satisfy the missions they are designed for.

I am happy to work for a company with an Industrial perspective because it grants me continuity and a variety of different chances in any high technological field.

I examine documentation for completeness of all the aspects related to the components, materials and the process used in assembly and testing, also through careful inspection of the hardware, being responsible for the handover of the parts between the different parties which contributes to the final product, until the launch. In doing this I need to coordinate all the project members and the specialists in the different technologies, especially when a problem arises.

My superpower is the ability to interrupt and ask for review during any phase of the project, if I have the evidence that something is not going in the right direction.
It requires a good amount of technical knowledge, which grows with experience, and communication strategy.

ATG is a company which takes into the right consideration the Research and Development and supports the employees in patenting and developing their original ideas.

I just love the idea that being alive today means a big deal of potentialities to realize through knowledge, so I like to exploit this unique feature of being humans. I could say I like music and art, of course, but mostly my heart pounds for discovery and exploration of our planet, so as soon as I can I hike mountains and forests which were at the bottom of the sea hundreds of millions years ago. When I can’t, I find relax in building small electronics projects to test the limits of my knowledge, but also gardening or simply cooking.